The Proper Care Of Mustaches


A mustache can add a touch of style and distinction to your appearance, especially if you have a nice beard. However, a nice-looking mustache takes more than just not shaving the area above your lip for a few days. Attractive mustaches require proper grooming and care. If you want yours to look great, here are some tips that can help you.

One important element in properly grooming your mustache is to keep it clean. When you eat, food debris and oil can easily get trapped in there. Gently scrubbing the area with a mild soap will remove any dead skin or food particles that have built up in there. Rinse it thoroughly, and pat dry with a towel.

Use a mustache comb to get out any tangles. A mustache comb has finer teeth that can separate the hairs nicely. A regular comb is not designed for this and will not give you good results.

Allow your mustache to dry before you decide if it needs a trim. A dry mustache gives you the real shape and length of it, whereas a wet mustache will look longer than it actually is. After you comb through your dry mustache, you can see if you need to trim it.

How you shape and sculpt your mustache will depend largely on the shape of your face. You want your mustache to complement your face, not to overwhelm it. Professional stylists say that a face with more of an oval shape can benefit from a mustache that has medium width and that is more triangular in shape. For a face that is more angular and square, a thicker, longer mustache that has the ends just hovering downward over the corners of the mouth would be quite suitable.

Do not rush through the trimming process. Trim just at little bit at a time so that you can control the evenness on both sides. The last thing you want to do is to trim off too much on one side because there is no fix for that except to trim the other side just as much. Regular touch ups with a good pair of mustache trimmers will keep those rogue hairs at bay.

You can apply a bit of mustache wax to control the shape of your mustache. Put a little bit on your fingers and apply it through the hairs. Comb your mustache to distribute the wax evenly. If you want to give it some character, you can twirl the ends of your mustache with a little bit of wax between your thumb and index finger to curl the ends of your mustache upward.

If your skin tends to get dry, you can apply a little bit of moisturizer or a little beard oil at the base of the mustache and work through. This will minimize any flaking or itchiness.

Mustaches should not be taken for granted. If you want your mustache to improve your overall appearance, it will require care and maintenance. Get the proper tools and learn the right techniques. Your well-groomed mustache will give the look of distinction that you seek.